DJ Smurks

Steve Johnson, better known to Long Beachers as DJ SMURKS grew up in Northern California. His musical passion started in the 4th grade when he learned to play guitar.  He never considered a career in music until his sophomore year of high school when a car accident changed his life. Something oddly magical happened to him as a result of the car accident, he gained the ability to play almost any musical instrument and hear full songs with vocals in his head.  After being a member of several bands and getting sober, he began learning to record, produce, and mix on his own. Smurks began writing/recording in Jan of 2017. He made it a point to produce music that could be played on the radio or at clubs. Smurks released “Persona”, an 11 track debut album, featuring some of Sierra Vista’s (his original hometown in AZ) most promising artists, in Jan 2018.

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