‘Gothtrompo’ L.A. legends Evil Cooks c...

‘Gothtrompo’ L.A. legends Evil Cooks collab with Long Beach’s El Barrio for Cinco de Mayo

The pastor pirates that are husband-and-wife team Elvia Huerta and Alex Garcia of Evil Cooks are pairing up with Chef Ulises Pineda-Alfaro of El Barrio for a Tour-of-Mexico-like Cinco de Mayo menu.

This is a part of Flavors of Long Beach, a month-long celebration of local food from Brian Addison, James Tir (aka @LBFoodComa) and Long Beach Living, with stories, events, dinners and more.

In Los Angeles, they are known as the Gothtrompo pioneers, using their own take on the Yucateco adobo-like paste called recado negro to create pitch black versions of pastor that are as visually luring as they are tasty—and the husband-and-wife team that is Elvia Huerta and Alex Garcia of Evil Cooks have built a cult-like following rightfully, even scoring a jealousy-inducing spot on the Los Angeles Times’s Best Restaurants list despite not having a brick-and-mortar.And now, thanks to the team at El Barrio Cantina on 4th Street, Long Beach will experience its first taste of Evil Cooks by way of a Cinco de Mayo celebration dubbed SinCo de Mayo.


Courtesy of El Barrio Cantina.

And yes, the collaboration will feature a taco with the pair’s famed pastor negro, along with what looks to be a tour of Mexico.We’ll have the return of the tlayuda from the great state of Oaxaca (which, if my estimates are right, haven’t been seen since the much-missed Oaxaca Mio sat on 10th Street at Orange Avenue over a decade ago).

Enchiladas Rioverdenses will be served, hailing from the city of Rioverde in San Luis Potosí and hailed as potato-and-sausage bits of wonder.

The pastor negro as prepared by Evil Cooks.


A play on tacos sudado (or tacos al vapor or tacos de canasta or…) will be served with chicharrón.The list goes on and on: a version of the South-central Mexican staple that is the chalupa, campechana tostada (where various sea critters sit atop a tostada), Baja-style fish tacos…

In other words: It is not only a collaboration I highly co-sign but one that will likely sell out. El Barrio has plans upon sell-out—they’ll return to a menu of pastor tacos, quesadillas, and mulitas—but I suggest you not miss out on the special menu.

The Evil Cooks collab with El Barrio Cantina will take place at 1731 E. 4th Street from 4PM until 8PM/sell-out.

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