Governor Newsom Announces Assistance For Undocumen...

Governor Newsom Announces Assistance For Undocumented Workers


In his daily update on California’s response to coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced details on unemployment insurance, along with disaster assistance for undocumented workers who aren’t eligible. You can watch the video above and read the highlights below.


California will be offering $75 million in direct disaster assistance for undocumented workers, Newsom announced, with an additional $50 million in philanthropy bringing the total assistance to $125 million. That comes in the form of $500 per worker, up to $1,000 per household, Newsom said, noting that 10% of the state’s workforce is undocumented and don’t benefit from the stimulus or unemployment programs.

About 150,000 workers will receive that benefit, according to the governor’s office, and people can apply for that support starting next month. There is also no income-based testing, Newsom said, so those people will not have to give that personal information in order to receive the assistance. The grants being used to provide this assistance will be distributed through community-based organizations, Newsom said.



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