Long Beach Could Have its First Residential 90-deg...

Long Beach Could Have its First Residential 90-degree Parking Spots

Councilmember Pearce and the Department of Public Works introduced a pilot program that would create over 100 new parking spots in Alamitos Beach, one of the most parking-impacted neighborhoods in Long Beach, by January 2018.

“The debate around parking is one that is real for residents who can spend up to four days a year looking for parking,” said Pearce. “By thinking outside the box we have found an option that will save dollars and time for our residents.”

Improvements to bike infrastructure and the need for additional parking are two of the communities biggest requests. Therefore, Pearce worked with the Department of Public Works to find creating solutions to these issues.

The plan is to turn the existing 60-degree spots on 1st and 2nd street between Alamitos and Cherry avenue into 90-degree spots. This would create over 100 new parking spaces, and it would significantly decrease the amount of time residents spend searching for parking.

In addition, no bike lanes would be removed in the process, and bringing these spots would not interrupt traffic on main corridors like Broadway and Ocean.

The project would be funded by Pearce’s “Divide by Nine” program funds, which are strictly reserved for community benefit. The project will go up for council approval sometime in October and could be completed as early as January 2018.


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