The Absolute Best of Long Beach 2019

The time has come again to celebrate all things Long Beach, from your favorite coffee shop to your favorite salon. You, the people nominate and vote your best of! This year’s contest will be bigger and better than ever!

We leave it in your hands to determine the standouts in the city — from businesses to organizations to individual leaders. These folks may not always get the credit they deserve so now’s your chance to give them a pat on the back with your votes.

Thank you for your participation!

Voting is now closed.


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  1. Marcy Sudock

    23 September

    When will you be set-up for nominations? As of today, September 23rd, nominations were not available. Will you have “Best Youth Orchestra”, “Best Youth Music Music Program”, “Best Music Education Program” categories?

    • Eric Fleming

      24 October

      Love her energy and passion to taylor to me and my families specific needs. Andrea and her team really listens and cares.

  2. Victor Ladd

    24 September

    Well know photographer in long beach

  3. Victor Ladd

    24 September

    Well known photographer in long beach. He had had his work published in the long beach yearly Edision Calendar and brochure published with his work from El Dorado Nature Center.

  4. Talia

    25 September

    Knyght Ryder

    • Ruth Mcnevin

      28 October

      The best new Theatre in town. Great performances and worthwhile charity. Fabulous

  5. Dan Sundstrom

    25 September

    Is Signal Hill included?

  6. Stephanie Sioson

    25 September

    Knyght Ryder

  7. Stephanie Sioson

    25 September

    Knyght Ryder is the absolute best 80’s/90’s band..

    • Ruth McNevin

      26 October


  8. It stops at Auto Body Shops and then nothing. I cannot even vote.

  9. Robert

    1 October

    About U Boutique

  10. Chuck White

    2 October

    Felize G – Comedy Jet is the best!

  11. Greg Anderson

    3 October

    Best nonprofit AFUTURESUPERHERO AND FRIENDS. Came to visit my son at MILLERS and when my son made it home he visited him again. He is the real deal and great spirit I will never forget.

  12. Carl Thon

    3 October

    Great food, atmosphere and superior service.

    • Ruth Mcnevin

      28 October

      The best new Theatre in town. Great performances and worthwhile charity. Fabulous combination.

  13. Laurie Auricchio

    3 October

    L’Opera is the best

  14. Kev T

    3 October

    Jeremiah Jay White is the best comedian in Long beach

  15. Shawnna Richards

    3 October

    Great nonprofit

    • Sharon Kisiday

      4 October

      Independent Pilates far surpasses all other pilates providers. The care is very knowledgeable, professional and specific to your needs. Thank you, Allison Esquivel, for helping me to relieve my pain when NO-ONE else could. You are a gifted healer and, I am sure, those that have been treated by you would agree.

  16. Kim DeVries

    3 October

    Heather and Sarah are amazing

  17. Kathy Freeman

    3 October

    Heather Burke and Sarah Ireland are the best real estate agents in town!

  18. Kathy Freeman

    3 October

    Heather and Sarah are best real estate agents

  19. Victor Ladd

    4 October

    Very good photographer

  20. Pat Mancuso

    4 October

    Stacey & Brian are the Best Local Band!!

  21. Pat Mancuso

    4 October

    Stacey & Brian are tHe Live Performers

  22. April

    4 October

    I wanted to Vote, why is this closed early? It says 10 p.m. and its only 7:12 p.m.
    I am voting for Feliz Gee, Comedy Jet/All Star Comedy.

    April Robinson

  23. Linda Merrill

    7 October

    Site will not work to nominate someone. I have tried several times.

  24. Cheryl Johnson

    14 October

    L’Opera when Riley Fourie is working is the best place to be in Long Beach!

  25. tari kelley

    15 October

    Reid’s Real Estate-Katie Reid is the MOST Personable Realtor In LB!
    Every Open House She Hosts Has That Extra Care & Welcoming Hospitality.
    She is ready to assist with both buying or selling from the onset to the closing.
    You gain not only a wonderful Realtor, But Someone You Feel You Can Call A New Friend For Life!

  26. Darius Gottlieb

    16 October

    The layout of your form here has all the aesthetics of a rhinoceros in heat.

  27. Mary Sophiea

    16 October

    People have asked me how to nominate Baja Sonora. How does that work

  28. Daniel morales

    16 October

    I love brain and body healing they are very helpful

  29. Michelle

    18 October

    Knyght Ryder…. is threre even a contest?

  30. Isabelle

    18 October

    Featherandleaf Acupuncture is the best… If you want to feel rejuvenated, pain-free or just relaxed..Featherandleaf is your place!

  31. Mary Hamberger

    19 October

    The Long Beach running club has made such a positive impact for my health and for many others within the running community.

  32. Kathy Gardiner

    24 October

    Heather Burke and Sarah Ireland are amazing realtors. They are very knowledgeable and get the highest price for the seller.

  33. Robin Howsmon

    25 October

    Absolutely the friendliest, efficient, loyal staff to work with. I recommend all our friends & family when needing a honest efficient escrow company to call Cardinal Escrow.

  34. Cort Huckabone

    25 October

    Go Bunt Pirates!!! (Typo on category page, LGBT SPORTS TEAM)

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