#FUR_CASSO was introduced to the world on 3/7/2020. This year, earlier this month, I debut a painting experience that had never been done before and brought it to life. By far, it is the FUNNEST painting experience you will ever experience with your dog. The classes can accommodate 20/30/40 people depending on the size of the venue and for the first Fur_casso painting experience, it ended up becoming a sold out event, the day of.
You can find out all about the “one of a kind” painting experience below, and check out each interview during the video. Nothing was staged, these are REAL REVIEWS from dog lovers and pet owners having a “furrific” time at the event.

“Dog Artistry” is alive!

What is Fur-Casso?
Fur-Casso is the first of its kind. A painting experience that explores the creativity of a dog’s mind. The world’s first painting class curated specifically for dogs, hosted by dogs, with classical paintings as the muse. Fun and entertaining for the dogs and their owners (ages 8+). Perfect for the entire family outing or an out of the box date. A great way for your dog to socialize outside of the stuffy dog kennels, hotels, and uppity dog parks. Come experience a painting class like you have never experienced before. The work of arts in each session is inspired by world-renowned artist Picasso and yours for the taking.

How does it work?
Each class is about 4 hours long. Dogs remain on their leash and are provided with paint, their own canvases, and paintbrushes. Each owner will assist their dog in painting on the canvas. If you have more than one dog, don’t worry, one of our doggy assistants will be on staff to assist you.

Is your dog the next Picasso? Find out at the next Fur-Casso event. Sign up to stay notified on our upcoming events. Or email us to book your own Fur-Casso event.

How much and what do we get?
For $25 per person, you will receive a Continental Breakfast plus Mimosas, coffee, tea and/or water. Music to get the creative juices flowing, we must create the vibe! And access to the Camp Run-a-Mutt’s outdoor play section.

Important things to know..
Please no aggressive dogs, pregnant dogs, or any female dogs in heat. We want to make sure the all the other dogs stay focused on creating their masterpiece. 🐶 Each participant must sign a general liability waiver before entering the facility.

Inspired by…
Pablo Picasso is perhaps best known for his paintings, but his sculptures are among the most radical, thought-changing artworks of the modern period. Picasso turned to sculpture with particular rigor at several key moments in his career, using the medium as a testing ground for ideas that would catalyze crucial shifts in his practice at large.

Picasso’s life, like his art, was filled with animals. Dogs are featured across Picasso’s work and were constant companions throughout his life. He owned many breeds over the years, including terriers, poodles, a Boxer, a Great Pyrenees, a German Shepherd, and Afghan Hounds. The best known of his pet dogs is Lump the dachshund. The relationship between artist and dog was described as a 'love affair' and Lump appears in a number of Picasso’s paintings. He lived with Picasso until a week before the artist’s death in 1973.

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