Queen Califia the $75,000 micro bully!

Queen Califia the $75,000 micro bully!

What’s up Long Beachians, TheDogBFF here, here is a segment on my world famous dog and I, that took place 3 years ago. We filmed the segment in Long Beach (my hometown), Culver City and Hollywood.
This is the first and only exotic micro bully dog, on mainstream media to date. Our segment was special for a number of reasons:
1. It’s one of the only segments on mainstream media, showing a pet owner displaying a number of responsible dog ownership techniques.
2. We debut my dog’s special breed of dog to the world.
3. I displayed a “Bully breed dog,” in positive light for the entire world to view.
4. They fact that she has crossed the rainbow bridge, I was blessed to make history with my “love bug” and the impact that should made on so many people all around the world, will be able to be searched and displayed for a LIFETIME.

Oh yes, she has her own dog park named after her, in Austin Texas, where she crossed the rainbow bridge.

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