Thank You (Dedicated To The Essential Workers 2020...

Thank You (Dedicated To The Essential Workers 2020) #ThankYou2020Project

The 7 day #Thankyou2020Project

Thank you to everyone who watched, commented, liked or loved this video. This song is very special to me and has been recieved well by so many people that have wanted to acknowledge the dedication and hardwork of the Essenital Workers. I’m happy I could say THANK YOU in a song, but YOU can say thank you in a special way too, here’s how:

THE 7 Day #Thankyou2020Project
1)Share, Dedicate & Tag this Thank You Video to at least 1 essential worker or to someone who is essential to you everyday for 7 days using the hashtag #Thankyou2020Project
2)With the video, post a special message of appreciation and encouragement dedicated to that person.
3)And nominate other friends and family to do the same for another essential person in their lives.

Let’s take time to share positivity and affirm that we see, love and appreciate each other daliy.

You can create these posts on Facebook & Youtube & always add the #Thankyou2020Project so I can find you.

Thank you for sharing #Thankyou2020Project and I’m excited to witness the appreication we have for each other.

Use this text when sharing the #ThankYou2020Project, Please 🙂


I’ve been nominated for the #ThankYou2020Project. You are one of the most thoughtful spirits I know. I am asking if you will join me everyday for the next 7 days in dedicating this Thank You video to at least 1 essential worker or someone who is essential to you. Tag whomever you choose and use the #Thankyou2020project at the end of your post & dedication.

In addition, to sharing the Thank You video with an essential person everyday, shares this post and video with at least one of your friends daily using asking them to also join you in the #ThankYou2020Project

This time is challenging for some people and especially our essential workers. So, Let’s keep this loving hashtag going for more than a week to let people know that they are seen and appreciated during these trying times.
Thank you 🙂

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